How to sleep without stress – 5 Steps

Life has become extremely hectic and chaotic these days.  Everyone is getting ready to compete or is already in the race.  This gives them no time to relax during the day.  It is only at night when people go to sleep that they can finally relax and get out of the stress that the entire day’s work gives them.  This also has become difficult these days because of number of things like getting work at home, or reply work related emails or too much of TV before going to bed.  All these are factors due to which one might not get a relaxing sleep.


How to sleep without stress
How to sleep without stress


The common thing is getting a work related call or replying to work related emails or texts.  This does not allow an individual to get out of the stress or forget work.  It only makes them think about the work even at night which does not allow them to have a relaxed and stress free sleep.  Because, they tend to think about the work and also plan about the next day.  It is extremely important that no one gets work at home or even answers the work emails.  Smart phones are really a bad thing for such reasons, as unlike laptop and desktops smart phones are easy to carry and the notification light tempts the individual to check the phone and respond to the query.

Smoking before bed is another reason why people are unable to sleep well.  It is because smokers always sleep in light sleep mode because nicotine triggers chemicals like dopamine and serotonin.

Women might not sleep well because of a tight bra or any tight garment.  Any tight garments interfere with circadian rhythms resulting in increased body temperature and decreased melatonin levels, two of sleeps worst enemies.

One should always be aware of what should be done before going to bed so that one can enjoy a good night’s sleep without any stress or tension.  This will only make them wake up with much energy and zest that is required to deal with the new day