How to stop a sneeze

How to stop a sneeze – 12 steps

Sneezing is very common.  Many of us suffer from sneezing spell where it keeps coming continuously and we are unable to stop it.  It becomes a little embarrassing sometimes when it happens in certain occasions.  People want to control the sneeze and not let it come in public places.  There are certain techniques that one can use to stop the sneeze.  Follow the below steps and you can see the result.

How to stop a sneeze
How to stop a sneeze


  • Squeeze your nose:  Catch the part of your nose above the tip and stretch it out.  It should not be painful, but it will definitely stop your sneeze.
  • Blow your nose:  If you grab a tissue and blow your nose, when you feel that sneeze is coming, it will stop immediately.  It should rid your sinuses of all the irritants inside that caused the sneeze.
  • Pinch your upper lip:  Using your thumb and forefinger pinch your upper lip lightly and press it upward towards your nostril.
  • Use your tongue:  Press your tongue behind your two front teeth.
  • Distract yourself with your hands
  • Get angry:  Clench your teeth together, but try to stick your tongue out.
  • Know if you suffer from sun sneezing:  If you do then try not to go out in sun often or if you do then protect yourself with an umbrella.
  • Be prepared:  If you are entering a high sneeze zone, then keep a tissue handy, blow your nose.
  • Keep the allergens at bay
  • Sneeze healthy:  Always have a tissue handy
  • Sneeze politely:  Do not sneeze making a loud noise.  Always be polite and sneeze mildly in public places.  It saves the embarrassment.
  • Sneeze safely
  • Make sure you have all that you need if you know that you will get the sneeze anytime and anywhere without any prior notice

Follow all of the above steps and you will be able to stop your sneeze when required and will not get embarrassed at public places due to your sneezing spells, the way you used to get before, following the steps.


How to stop a sneeze
How to stop a sneeze