How to Stop a Bloody Nose

How to stop nose bleeding – 2 Steps

Bloody noses (also known as epistaxis can be alerting or downright scary most especially when you see your kid having it.  However, bloody noses are typical for the younger ones than with adults.  This is due to several factors including nasal membrane irritation and trauma.


To stop bleeding, you can perform two steps: leaning forward and pinching the nose.  This sounds really easy but you have to note several things in doing these two actions.

How to Stop a Bloody Nose
How to Stop a Bloody Nose


Let’s talk about leaning backward vs. leaning forward.   Contrary to the common belief that we have to lean backwards whenever we have bloody nose, we should actually lean forward.   Come to think about it… the blood needs to go somewhere.  When you lean back the blood either goes down your throat (or worse, to your windpipe) or through your stomach.  Blood on your stomach may irritate it, causing nausea which you probably wouldn’t want to feel.


Pinching your nose cannot be equated closing your nostrils.   The area that needs the gentle pressure is just below the bony bridge.  The pressure should stop the bleeding so you can adjust your grip when it’s not working.  Don’t let go until after 5 minutes wherein blood clotting should take place and slow down the bleeding.  If the bleeding doesn’t stop, adjust for another 5 minutes and apply a chemical cold pack.  The pack should help in stopping the bleeding.


After the bleeding has stopped, don’t just blow your nose yet.  Instead, wait for quite some time until your nasal membrane turns okay.  If the bleeding still doesn’t stop for the third time, it’s time for you to consult a doctor.