How to Take Care of Your Skin

How to Take Care of Your Skin When You’re 50

As women age, their skin loses its elasticity and vibrancy. Dark spots and wrinkles become apparent and can be very troubling to many.  At 50, a woman’s skin is something that can be very difficult to handle.  While we can’t stop the ageing process—because all of us age after all—all we can do is to age rather gracefully.  To age gracefully, we must take intensive skin and health care as part of our daily ritual.

How to Take Care of Your Skin
How to Take Care of Your Skin



  1. Put on sun screen in daily basis even as the sun lurks just behind the clouds. We don’t need to memorize anymore how the UV rays damage our skin and hasten its aging process.  One thing more, the sun is the no. 1 cause of brown or dark spots.


  1. Moisturize your skin with moisturizers meant for your skin type. If your skin is oily then you tend to be luckier as you age.  At 35, most women’s skin tends to go dry and drier as they age more.  The key here is find the right moisturizer and be vigorous in applying it.  Moreover, avoid drying agents such as strong soap, hot water, and strong exfoliants.


  1. Don’t forget to eat nutritive food and be balance about it. Eat vegetables, fruits and right amount of proteins and fats.  You have to keep hydrated, so don’t forget to drink your daily dose of water.


  1. Exercise is not only for the young but for all ages. Notice how your skin actually glows as you sweat? Toxins inside the body are released from within through sweat, urine and feces. Not only is this good for your skin but for your shape and health as well.


  1. Consider the idea of going through the knife. While most women might shrug at the mere idea of botox, facelift, laser treatments… etc., one must also be open- minded about it.  Lots of beautiful women have tried and tested about this.  Many have also testified about the benefits they gained in surgeries or medical treatments outwardly (their appearance) and inwardly (their confidence).
How to Take Care of Your Skin
How to Take Care of Your Skin