How to talk with an elderly parents

How to talk with an elderly parents – 10 steps

Communication is an important aspect of life.  One needs to give utmost importance to it and should also know how to communicate with whom.  There are different forms of communication that is required with different age group people.  It is important to communicate well with elderly parents on a regular basis just to make sure that they are doing okay.  Ageing parents may have concerns with regards to health, living arrangements and their ability to cope with tasks.  If you are regularly in touch then it becomes easy for them to communicate and solve the issues.


How to talk with an elderly parents
How to talk with an elderly parents


ü  Maintaining contact:  Life is busy and change is inevitable.  However, it is important that you keep in touch with your parents on a regular basis.  Set aside some time just for your parents so that you can call them or drop by to check on them once a week.

ü  Ask your parents how things are:  It is important that you keep asking or find out how things are with them.

ü  Bring happiness in your parents life:  Call the often and visit them frequently and spend some quality time where this is fun and laughter involved.  This will make your parents very happy and feel light hearted.

ü  Be willing to listen more than offering advice

ü  Be very clear when explaining any thing to your parents

ü  Approach difficult issue slowly and with lots of love

ü  Have trust in your parents

ü  Accept the generation gap:  Understand that your parents will think differently than what you do.  But, also remember the fact that they will think good for you always.

ü  Help them out

ü  Find out what your elderly parents need done:  If there is anything that you can do for them, then offer the service and do it for them.  It is not easy for an elderly to finish the task on their own.

Elderly parents are sensitive and do need lot of care and support from their children.  Always be ready to give it to them because they deserve it.


How to talk with an elderly parents
How to talk with an elderly parents