How to treat paralysis? Which is the best treatment for paralysis?

Wondering what is paralysis? It is a deadly medical condition resulting in a loss of voluntary muscle power. It may be the result of any other medical condition that involves a change of nervous system makeup or change of muscle tissue resulting into metabolic disturbance to interfere with the normal functioning of your nervous system and muscles. The person who is paralyzed has to depend on others for even the most usual daily activities. The severity relies on the cause of paralysis. Hemiplegia is the condition when only one side of the body gets paralyzed. Bilateral hemiplegia is the situation when both sides of the body are affected or gets paralyzed. Ayurveda is an effective treatment of paralysis that can restore motion.

Ayurveda and Paralysis

As per Ayurveda, Paralysis is the result of an imbalance in Vata-Dosha. Vata refers to the air element of a human body which controls all voluntary movement or assists in the coordination of such movements. Excessive accumulation of toxins in the body results in the symptoms of paralysis. Ayurvedic treatment for paralysis is a powerful way to address paralysis. During the period, the doctor prescribes massage therapies, ayurvedic medicines to treat paralysis.

Important facts on Ayurvedic treatment for Paralysis

  • Ayurvedic paralysis  treatment involves the use of medication as stated by the doctor. Medication is used with the combination of Panchakarma detoxification therapy that helps in the removal of body toxins.
  • The treatment commences with an initial consultation phase. You get in touch with an Ayurveda physician via the email or phone. Through the email, you may send a description of your medical condition.
  • the doctor carries out a complete diagnosis of the body to understand how far paralysis has affected you
  • the treatment routine includes aspects like the number of days required for treatment, the number of therapies required, the names of internal medications or medicines to be used and the diet chart to be followed. A regular visit to the doctor is a must.

Panchakarma therapies for paralysis treatment

Panchakarma therapies are a great way to improve the condition. Ayurveda practitioner for Panchakarma treatment may prescribe the following therapies:

  • Snehana is the foremost Panchakarma therapy which is Bio-cleansing regime imbibing all the 5 important procedures to get rid of body toxins or eliminate the toxic elements from the body.
  • Swedana is another popular Panchakarma therapy for Paralysis. Swedana is the therapy to induce sweating in the body. The one who has completed Snehana is subjected to Swedana. The nature of heat-induced may be a dry heat, thermal heat, non-thermal heat, moist heat.
  • Virechana is a popular Panchakarma therapy whereby vitiated doshas are removed via the anal route. The therapy is most suitable for the ones who are pitta dominant

Timely treatment is necessary

When it comes to treating Paralysis, timely treatment is important. Monitor the blood pressure regularly and keep a check on the weight. Patients with hypertension, palpitation, blood pressure are more likely to have it. Sleep is more necessary after the age of 45 years.

Ayurveda can also help those who suffer from Bell’s palsy treatment. Yoga and meditation can help a lot. The treatment must be adopted according to the region which is paralyzed.