Keeping your Chocolate Habit Healthy

4 Tips in Keeping your Chocolate Habit Healthy

Contrary to some myths that eating chocolates might endanger our lives in the long run, indulging them (particularly the dark kind) once in a while can actually give us a healthy heart, provides us with a healthy dose of antioxidants and calming endorphins that help reduce anxiety.  Chocolates also contribute to the lower overall mortality rates and the risk of coronary artery disease, metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

Keeping your Chocolate Habit Healthy
Keeping your Chocolate Habit Healthy


Only there are some reminders that you must bear in mind when it comes to your chocolate habit.  These reminders actually sum up into one statement: KEEP YOUR CHOCOLATE HEALTHY.


  • Eat Sparingly

Adults who consume 6g (0.2 oz) of chocolate daily were associated with lower risk of heart attack and stroke by 39%.  Small amounts of chocolate are good for the hearth and your health since it’s packed with energy-giving minerals.  Over-eating may lead to calorie imbalance resulting to gaining weight leading to heightened risk of heart disease and stroke.


  • Choose chocolates with Fewer Additives

A bar consisting of at least 85- 90 percent cocoa does not bear less-healthy ingredients, making it healthier than bars having less of the mentioned portion.  Ingredients like nuts may help you satiate your sweet tooth so you can eat sparingly.  Check on the label and know that too much sugar, coloring and artificial additives are not good for your liver, heart and brain.


  • Opt for Less-processed Cocoa

Since cocoa has a bitter taste, a process including alkali treats it to eliminate such bad taste.  The downside is that it destroys a lot of those antioxidants that help our body.  Hence, it’s much better for you to look for chocolates with labels of “unprocessed” or “raw.”


  • Indulge the Taste

Gobbling a big portion of the chocolate bar is such a waste and won’t help you in being healthy.  Savor every bite, focusing your attention to the taste, texture and aroma of what you are eating.  Eat the chocolate like a gourmet and not like a half-starved wolf.  Experts suggest that eating chocolates should be like a form of meditation.