Lower Back Pains

What Commonly Causes Lower Back Pains?

Lower back pains, as we all know, are common nowadays. Those who are experiencing this kind of pain rather find it very difficult to do somewhat easy tasks such as picking up things on the floor, bending, etc. Since lower back pains limit these kinds of activities, there’s a little chance that in order to stop experiencing the pain, you won’t do these kinds of activities anymore.

Lower Back Pains
Lower Back Pains


There are many probable causes for lower back pains, most of it due to repetitive activities while others are traumas caused by accidents or even serious medical conditions. Listed here are the common causes of lower back pains, which can also affect you someday, if not now.


  1. Bending – We all know that bending can be a form of exercise but also, this can be a reason for you to experience lower back pains. Since bending can be a repetitive task, it can put lots of unneeded pressure in your spine.


  1. Heavy Lifting – Jobs or exercises that require heavy lifting can also put significant pressure in your lower back aside from having joint, ligament and muscle strains.


  1. Trauma – Any kinds of accident-related trauma such as car accidents, accidental falls and athletic activity-related accidents can cause damages in your whole spine including your lower back. Make sure that you have undergone overall physical therapy for your injuries to get complete recovery.


  1. Degenerative Conditions – Pregnancy in women and aging can also cause lower back pains due to weakening of bones. In order to prevent this, a healthy and well-balanced diet and proper exercise is required.


If you are experiencing severe lower back pains, you may better seek medical attention from your doctor or physical therapist since this condition can become worse when left untreated.