Lung Cancer Survival Improvement Tips

Lung Cancer Survival Improvement Tips

We all know that Lung Cancer, just like other cancer types, is a killer. In order for the patient to survive longer, undergoing chemotherapy is a basic necessity. However, due to the fact that radiation also damages healthy cells, there’s a chance that the person who undergoes the said treatment will suffer more than he or she can normally bear. In addition to that problem, chemotherapy also requires a lot of money.

Lung Cancer Survival Improvement Tips
Lung Cancer Survival Improvement Tips


The good thing is, recent studies show that there are other alternative ways to improve a Lung Cancer patient’s survival, ways that will save both you and the patient from a lot of trouble. Listed below are the things you must do if you know someone who suffers from this kind of illness:


  1. Personal Support from People around the Patient. There are no known proofs about this one being an effective survival improvement tip. However, having a lot of support around the patient regardless of his or her condition will certainly help. According to some medical studies, people who have emotional support tend to have at least 50 percent increased chance of survival compared to those who have none.


  1. Fight Depression and its Symptoms. Studies have shown that patients who suffer or experience depression before chemotherapy have less chance to survive the ordeal. In addition to that, there’s also an increased risk of patient committing suicide even if he or she manages to survive it. Needless to say, we must know the reason behind the patient’s depression and must do the necessary steps in order to help the patient fight it.


  1. Spiritual Life. Having this kind of disease certainly needs Divine Intervention to get cured whether you believe it or not. As a matter of fact, studies have shown that patients who have nurtured spiritual lives not only respond better to chemotherapy; they also survived for a very long time compared to other survivors.