Outrageous Plastic Surgeries

Most Outrageous Plastic Surgeries

Plastic surgery, even if it is toned down in today’s era, is still controversial.  After all, its main objective is to alter a person’s natural appearance.  Common plastic surgeries include liposuction, breast augmentation, nose jobs, eyelid surgery, face lifts and Botox injections. However, you might just be surprised that some have eccentric taste when it comes to enhancement.

Outrageous Plastic Surgeries
Outrageous Plastic Surgeries


We now give you the top 6 most outrageous plastic surgeries ever noted:


  • Total Face Transformation

Yeah, the plastic surgery we knew from movies really do exist.  You want to totally renovate yourself and make the “them” notice you?  Or do you want to start a new life with a different identity? Either way, plan a trip to Asia for this cause and you will surely have what you want.


  • Eyebrow and eyelash Transplants

Sounds excruciatingly painful, right? But some people with thinned out eyebrows and eyelashes who want the dark lashes and perfect eyebrows of a doll can achieve this look now.  The trick is, the surgeon will actually transplant hairs into those areas.


  • Scrotal Rejuvenation or Ball Ironing

Okay, so genital rejuvenation isn’t only a thing for women.  With this procedure, the wrinkles, hair and discoloration of the scrotum can say bye-bye.  There will be no incisions as the doctor will perform laser procedure.


  • Vacation Breasts

This is the quick-fix, temporary version of breast augmentation surgery that entails the expert to inject saline solution into the breasts that can alter the features of them.  The effect is only momentary (like 24 hours) before the saline is absorbed into the body’s blood stream.


  • Cinderella Surgery

You don’t even need to bind your feet just like the old tradition in China in order to achieve small feet.  Just go to an expert and they can reshape or resize your feet.


  • Thigh Gap Surgery

Thin-framed, model-esque girls are fashionable nowadays.  They usually have that elusive thigh gap every girl seems to covet.  So if you want immediate changes, a professional can make this possible for you without you having to suffer through extreme diet and work-outs.