Naps Meaning and Definition

Naps: Meaning and Definition

Using common terms, naps are shortened lengths of sleep that are done in either day or night time. Depending on the person, taking naps can either be for health purposes or a sign of sickness or laziness. And of these three, daytime or mid-day naps are usually equated to laziness in most cultures if done by adults.

Naps: Meaning and Definition

Nap Times

In some countries like Spain and Italy, they are setting aside the mid-day hours (1pm – 3pm) for ‘Siesta’ or naps. During this time, it is strictly not allowed to do any kind of work or play especially in public places. This is to make sure that the people, especially the working ones will stay healthy and productive aside from being a tradition.


Why do we have to take Naps?

During mid-day hours, our bodies produce high amounts of melatonin, a hormone that is related to sleep. When this happens, the person’s body quickly feels tired, therefore affecting his or her productivity. And as we all know, less productivity means less work done. Because of this, companies in some countries are now allowing their workers to take twenty to thirty-minute power naps during these hours.


Taking naps during mid-day actually have lots of health benefits not only for children but for adults as well. Even if taking mid-day naps won’t increase our height anymore, doing this improves our concentration and relaxes our bodies. In addition to this, not only will we feel refreshed; it also lessens our risk of having health problems such as risks of dying from heart disease.


On the other hand, taking naps as a whole can be a possible indicator of sleep-related problems such as insomnia and narcolepsy. In this case, the person experiences difficulty in sleeping during bedtime, making him or her feel tired during the day. In this case, the person usually takes a nap whenever the time and place permits it.


The truth is, you can simply take a nap whenever you feel tired as long as you don’t have anything important to do during the day. Our body also needs some rest after a week’s work after all. However, if your workplace doesn’t permit such especially during work hours, you might as well extend your rest during your bedtime. Taking some coffee during mid-day hours will also help you stay awake, though we are not sure how productive you can be during this time.