Why Do We Need to Make Distinctions Between Smoker’s and Non-smoker’s Lung Cancer?


We all know that people who smoke tend to have lung cancer. However, there’s also a case that people who doesn’t even smoke tend to have lung cancer, too. This is due to what we call sidestream or second-hand smoke in which people inhale the smoke from a cigarette of a smoker. This is the reason why lung cancer was divided into two categories: Smoker’s and Non-smoker’s Cancer.

Smoker’s and Non-smoker’s Lung Cancer
Smoker’s and Non-smoker’s Lung Cancer


To those who didn’t know, distinction was made between these two due to various reasons. The first one is medical in which the two types’ diagnoses are quite similar, the medical approach and treatment is somewhat different.  Those who have smoker’s cancer were diagnosed early while those who have non-smoker’s cancer were usually diagnosed when the lung cancer is in its advanced stage. In addition to that, the symptoms of the two are often different, therefore affecting the kind of medical treatment that one must undergo.


The second one, on the other hand, is primarily concerned to the person’s psychological aspect. Because most people think that those who experience lung cancer were mainly smokers, they will definitely think of you as one if you have that even if you don’t smoke. Even though this sounds ridiculous, studies have shown that psychological problems also affect overall treatment of lung cancer.


However, even though there are two distinct types of this disease, those who experience this disease must unite in their efforts in order for doctors to find the cure.


Smoker’s and Non-smoker’s Lung Cancer
Smoker’s and Non-smoker’s Lung Cancer



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