What is Overactive Bladder

What is Overactive Bladder and How often Should you Go to the Bathroom?

If you’re not that familiar with the urinary system, the urinary system is composed of body parts that are concerned with urination. These parts include the kidneys and the urinary bladder as well. The kidney’s work is to filter out waste materials and excess water in our bodies. The urinary bladder, on the other hand, is the place where waste materials and water are being stocked before it is expelled out of our bodies as urine.

What is Overactive Bladder and How often Should you Go to the Bathroom?

There are only a few known diseases and disorders that affect our urinary tract but it doesn’t mean that it’s only okay for you to ignore it. The truth is, any disorder concerning a part of your urinary tract not only affects the whole urinary system; it could also affect your body as a whole. This is because of the fact that waste materials could circulate in your blood if not removed.


According to medical experts, it is considered normal if you’re visiting the bathroom at least six to eight times every day. In addition to that, they had also clarified that those bathroom visits are also affected by various factors such as your fluid intake and if you’re taking medications that can influence urination as a side effect. Naturally, if your urinary bladder is filled up, it will send signals directly to your brain via interconnecting nerves, thereby making you have the need to go to the nearest bathroom. However, if you’re frequently getting the urge to urinate and yet the urine that goes out of your body is somewhat few, this could be a symptom of what experts call frequency problem.


Overactive Bladder

To those who didn’t know, frequency problems are actually caused by an overactive bladder. The problem occurs if the sphincter muscles start to contract involuntarily even if your urinary bladder doesn’t have much urine. The urge can be somewhat difficult to control or stop, therefore resulting to incontinence at the same time. If this problem is ignored, this could greatly affect you and your daily activities in the long run.


What you must do

If you think that you’re one of those who are experiencing this problem, you must make sure that you consult a physician as early as possible. In this case, the physician will make you undergo some tests so that he or she can determine what the problem really is. Chances are that you will also be asked about your medical history, especially if you’re taking prescriptions drugs and much more.