Five Healthy Benefits of Doing Pilates

We all know that exercise is beneficial to our body. Doing it regularly speeds up our metabolism, therefore burning up more fats in our body. However, most people don’t know that faster metabolic rate also promotes faster aging in cells, especially is oxygen isn’t finely distributed in our bodies.



However, it is different when doing Pilates as a part of your health regimen. It is known that activities in this exercise significantly slow cellular aging, therefore giving you a ‘younger and vibrant’ look.


If you’re curious about what Pilates does in your body, take a look in the five benefits that are listed here:

  1. Breathing Benefits – Since Pilates teaches you to breathe fully and deeply, this exercise significantly slows the aging process by saturating oxygen in a person’s cells. This improves your cells’ overall energy as well as its cognitive properties.


  1. Full-Body Exercise Benefits – Pilates involves exercises that promote low repetition, but good form in contrast to high cardio exercises’ multiple repetitions, therefore letting you avoid repetitive stress-related injuries.


  1. Benefits in Doing Complete Range of Motion – Each movement in Pilates promotes full range of motion in a person’s joints, therefore ensuring that it’s always lubricated and its tissues are well-preserved in the long run. Maintaining the ability to stand, sit, kneel and bend is the key to well-being and longevity.


  1. Alignment Benefits – With each exercise, Pilates teaches you to work within a safe frame and strengthens your body symmetrically.


  1. Transition Benefits – By training your mind and body to control your own personal movements, Pilates training focuses on transitions between and within moves, therefore letting you avoid unwanted accidents and injuries.