pilates exercise for cancer survivors

Pilates: The Best Exercise for Cancer Survivors

Most of us know the fact that any kind of cancer isn’t just a killer; it is a serial killer. Nowadays, people are dying from cancer every day. Needless to say, those who have this disease are also expecting that they’re not going to live much longer. However, that’s a very wrong mindset, experts say due to the fact that some people not only just managed to survive; they’re also living to help those who experience the same disease.

Pilates: The Best Exercise for Cancer Survivors

Some of us are asking this question: Why did those people managed to survive this inevitable fate? The truth is, aside from advanced medicine and mindset that he or she is going to live, physical exercises are needed. And to top all of these physical exercises, Pilates training is the best exercise for cancer survivors.


Most of us are now asking this question: What’s so special about Pilates that it helps the cancer patients survive the ordeal? Naomi Aaronson, a Pilates Mat Instructor had told us some of the bare facts that make Pilates the best exercise for cancer survivors:


  1. Slow Pilates movements help the cancer patients by keeping their bodies energized. Due to the fact that cancer patients feel considerably weaker because of the cancer ordeal, most of them will find the benefit of doing Pilates very effective. Not only it helps the cancer patient do some easy exercises at first; it also helps the patient by reducing his or her fatigue and exhaustion level to a minimum while making him or her stronger as the time goes.


  1. Pilates training replenishes oxygen inside our bodies. Scientific studies have shown that in order to make a patient’s body fight the invasive cancer cells, he or she must always keep his or her blood oxygenated at all times. As we all know, Pilates had lots of breathing exercises as a part of their training so it’s going to help cancer patients and survivors enable their own bodies to fight the disease.


  1. Pilates relaxes the Patient, therefore enabling him or her fight stress and depression. Studies have shown that most of the time, it’s not the cancer that kills the patient but his or her feelings of stress and depression. If we are stressed and depressed at the same time, our body also weakens faster. Pilates exercises involve relaxation and concentration techniques, which are both need in order to make ourselves calm most of the time.


  1. It helps people, specially cancer patients realize that exercise is good for the body. Unlike other exercises, Pilates helps the patient burn more fat while keeping his or her body from muscle and joint pains. As we all know, body pain is one of the most common reasons why most people don’t like to exercise.