How to Plan Your Day if You Have ADHD

If you have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), then having a daily planner can state a powerful difference in your everyday life.  Your planner easily converts as your prompt reminder, time manager and organizing tool.  It greatly helps you reduce classic ADHD symptoms like diversion, impulsivity and procrastination.



With your daily planner, you can easily designate your activities and appointment schedules.  Here are some tips you may have to consider in making your daily planner:


  • Paper vs. Electronic

Regardless of the debates circulating around paper vs. electronic planners, you must consider which material suits you comfortably.  You may be a traditional one so pen and paper can work for you.  On the other hand, if you’re tech savvy and a gadget-lover, then by all means use a tablet, smartphone and/or a computer.


  • Number of Planners

Some people can juggle quite a number of diaries or planners but it is best for ADHD patients to have just ONE.  Simplicity and minimalism will work just fine for you.


  • Details for Your Planner

You can write your appointments with other people which may involve business meetings, personal appointments to a doctor or dentist, family gathering and friendly chats with your buddies.  You can easily consult your planner for your availability before confirming your appointment.  You can also write about your schedule for your personal needs (e.g. shopping for groceries, yoga, gym sessions, personal time, reading…etc.).


Remember to indicate the time to help you with your schedule transition in order to help you arrive on time to all your appointments.  It helps you with time adjustment that may include time allotment for your travel.


  • Schedule in Consulting your Planner

Make it a habit to consult your planner first thing in the morning in order to help you visualize your day.  Check on it from time-to-time to help just to keep things monitored.