Popping Pimples

The Reason behind the Urge of Popping Pimples

It is early morning and you are driven to check yourself on the mirror.  You see that small, reddish bump on your face infamously known as ‘pimple.’  Don’t you just feel this great urge to reach, squeeze and pop it?  Believe us, this urge is completely understandable and in this article, we are about to tell you the psychology behind it.

Popping Pimples
Popping Pimples


The Very Reason

It’s but common knowledge that popping pimples is bad for our skin, but we all do it. Simple: it is basic instinct that whenever there is something that doesn’t originally belong on our skin, we immediately eliminate it.


Is It Okay, Then?

Getting the pus from the ripe pimple will greatly help in getting rid of it.  However, there should be a hygienic process for this in order to avoid irritation, infection and scarring.  First, you have to apply a warm cloth before squeezing it gently to let the pus come out.


The Problem

The problem comes when you become a chronic pimple squeezer or someone who can’t stop squeezing their pimples.  Among the most tempting acne that one could squeeze out are the blackheads.  In this case, tretinoin (like Atralin or Retin-A) comes pretty handy to eliminate the blackhead or pimple. By this, you don’t even have anything on your face to squeeze.


The Advice

Besides using products that suit our skin type, it is highly advisable that you maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet.  Self pep-talk will also do you good and know that being highly critical about oneself can be damaging.  Know that having imperfections is something great, too.  It simply means that people respect and love you for who you are despite those imperfections.