Power Napping

Power Napping: Definition and Facts

Even though parents force their little children to take afternoon naps for health benefits, it is somewhat unfair to know that most people think that this doesn’t apply to adults. Whether such thinking is influenced by work or culture, what we don’t know is that just like children, adults need afternoon naps as well. It is wrong to think that afternoon naps are only for children, especially if you want to stay healthy and well.

Power Napping: Definition and Facts

Sleep and Power Napping

Just as what our teachers tell us when we are still in school; the ‘ideal’ sleep duration is about seven to eight hours. During these hours, your whole body relaxes and slows its activities, giving it time to do the necessary repairs and energy replenishment. According to studies, sleeping for six hours or less is not recommended. However, later studies have shown that what people really need isn’t just a long time for sleep; we must make sure that it is a quality one, regardless of length. This is the reason why some people feel energized despite having slept for two hours while some people still feel sleepy even after sleeping for twelve straight hours.


When it comes to power napping, however, there are no definite rules aside from the fact that its health benefits are enjoyed when it is done during mid-day (from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm). If done in the right way, power napping benefits us by lowering the risk of dying from heart disease, improving our productivity and concentration, more efficiency and even increased learning capabilities. In addition to this, power naps are much better than having sleep extensions in the morning. Needless to say, a twenty to thirty-minute power nap is much better than twenty or thirty-minute extended sleep during mornings.


More Useful Power Nap Tips

  1. Don’t take caffeinated drinks after 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Since caffeine is a known stimulant that prevents sleep, drinking coffee or anything that has caffeine in it must be avoided after 3:00 pm.


  1. Try meditation if power nap is not possible. Most of us don’t take power naps due to various reasons such as work or sleep difficulties during this time of day. If this is your case, just try finding a quiet place to relax for a while. Try to meditate or listen to music during this time in order to make your mind more relaxed.