Precautions against Vitiligo

How to take Precautions against Vitiligo

Vitiligo, which is also known as leukoderma, is a skin condition characterized by discoloration of the epidermis seen as white patches almost akin to albinism.  Its contrast to albinism is that the paleness does not affect the whole body but in lesser amount on random areas including scalp, lips, genitals, rectal areas, retina and –even—the hair.


Precautions against Vitiligo
Precautions against Vitiligo


People with vitiligo has pigmentation problem since the melanin (skin cells that give off color) and other tissues like mucous membrane are damaged, thus the discoloration occurs.  Whilst the causes  of vitiligo is still unknown, with symptoms varies from person to person, it’s crucial for people with vitiligo to know that this condition isn’t contagious. Hence, there’s no need for you to fear outdoors and the company of friends.


Yes, a lot of people can be pretty judgmental when it comes to skin conditions.  If you are one suffering of vitiligo, how do you cope up?  It may be pretty tough surviving criticisms but positively, YOU CAN. Here are some few tips you can use:


Understand that there’s nothing to be embarrassed about vitiligo.

It’s actually all about mind-setting.  To help yourself, research about your condition. Knowing about vitiligo makes a difference in boosting about your self-esteem. Recite your daily mantra, “I am beautiful. I am capable. I am free.” Nothing beats a good feeling even though negativity crawls out from different directions. Besides, people with right amount of confidence do attract people. You might be surprised that many people do not base friendship under mere skin-deep reasons. So get out of the box and glow!


Educate other people of vitiligo.

Vitiligo may still be an unknown subject for most people.  Talking with them about your condition brings awareness about this type of skin condition.  Remember that a person is naturally threatened by things he doesn’t know. Help those who are interested to free themselves of doubts and questions. Soon, you might find yourself in an ironical situation.


Groom yourself with style.

Actors, celebrities and even ordinary people are fond of individualizing themselves.  It’s not a crime if brand yourself, too.  Be creative and express yourself out.  If you want hoodies, cardigans and blazers… go for it! If you feel sexy and daring, wear something that would make you feel one.  Accessorize. If you’re a woman, wear make-up and get those nails under a beautician’s ‘mani-pedi’ list.  Color your hair.  Do not inhibit yourself.  While you are a person under a different skin condition, you’re as wonderfully normal as anyone can be. The only monsters are those creepy negative thoughts lurking behind your mind’s view.


Celebrate life and be healthy.

We all experience ups and downs—with or without vitiligo. That’s life! So, when your condition brings you down to your knees, cry and get over it as soon as you can. It helps to write about your emotions whether it is in a form of a song, poem, story or novella. Go for a walk or clean. Read inspirational books. There are numerous ways to keep yourself strong, if only you are willing to let yourself be one!


Eat and drink healthy foods rich in antioxidants and vitamin C to strengthen immune system. Avoid smoking and drinking excessively. The ultraviolet rays coming from the sun may be a bad culprit most especially with people having less amount of melanin, and most to people with damaged melanin which is in the case of vitiligo.  Even though there are only few methods in treating vitiligo, you can still live a healthy, normal lifestyle.


Despite everything, be happy. Laugh out loud and shout the joy in your heart. Share your feelings with friends and loved ones; after all they are ones nearest to you. Know that you’re not alone will never be.


Precautions against Vitiligo
Precautions against Vitiligo