Quadriceps - Strengthening Exercises

Quadriceps – Strengthening Exercises: Avoid Knee Pain by Doing These

To those who didn’t know, quadriceps or quads for short are the four muscles that are located in front of our thighs. These muscles contract together to flex and straighten our knees, therefore ensuring our overall leg flexibility. However, injuries can somehow affect this due to the fact that the muscles are weakened once damaged. If you don’t want this to happen to you, you must try to do these simple exercises that will strengthen your quadriceps without weakening your knees at the same time.

Quadriceps - Strengthening Exercises
Quadriceps – Strengthening Exercises


  1. Straight Leg Raising Exercise – This is a simple exercise to ensure that your quadriceps work properly. On a flat surface, lie on your back, bend one of your legs in a 90-degree angle and keep your foot flat on the surface. Keep your leg straight without bending the knee. Slowly lift it twelve inches off the floor for five seconds. Relax and repeat up to ten to fifteen times.


  1. Short Arc Quad Exercise – It is a great way to contract your quads properly. This is done by lying on your back and using a small coffee can to prop your knee. Slowly straighten your knee and hold it for five seconds. Repeat fifteen times.


  1. Wall Slide Exercise – This is done by standing with your back against the wall with your feet at shoulder-width apart. Slowly bend your knees at five counts until your knees are bent at a forty-five degree angle and hold it for five seconds. Straighten yourself slowly until you are fully upright. Repeat ten times.