Sitting Too Much Could Also Endanger Your Heart

Sitting Too Much Could Also Endanger Your Heart

Are you working as a blogger, freelance online writer or a webmaster? Chances are that you might be sitting too much, which most of us find rather relaxing and interesting. However, sitting too much while you busy yourself tapping your desktop or laptop’s keyboard could possibly endanger you, experts say.


To those who didn’t know, just because you’re doing online jobs don’t make you sedentary. As we all know, the word sedentary is usually being associated with couch potatoes or people who sit or lie in their couches while eating and watching television every day. The truth is, the word sedentary is actually derived from the sitting position itself.


As we all know, sitting or lying either on the couch or bed relaxes our bodies by removing prolonged pressure in our blood vessels. However, due to the fact that sitting puts pressure in our middle torso, chances are that your blood doesn’t normally flow from the waist down. That’s the reason why most of our body fat is being accumulated in this part.  And if this is the case, this can put additional strain in our hearts as well.


Nowadays, numerous studies have already shown that prolonged sitting activities such as watching TV, working online and even driving greatly increase the risk of having a cardiovascular disease in a certain person. In addition to this, it is also shown that prolonged or excessive sitting is often associated with diabetes, hypertension or high blood pressure, obesity and, in the worst case, cancer.


Exercise versus Sitting too much

It is often said that having a regular exercise is very good for all of us. However, we must also take notice of what we are actually doing before and after having exercise. According to a certain Australian study, the longer people sit every day, the wider their waistline and the higher their body mass index is. Those who are standing most of the time, on the other hand, had shown favorable health results. Because of this, previous scientific studies are now being updated in order to emphasize to everyone the importance of lessening the time we spend on sitting and using it for standing or walking instead.


Sitting and rest are also very important for us because during this time, our worn-out muscles and other body parts are being repaired. However, too much of it will definitely put yourself in danger, as well as too much exercise or body workouts.


Sitting Too Much Could Also Endanger Your Heart