How to sleep well to make daylight savings a dream?

It is time when daylight savings compel us to set our alarm clocks ahead by one hour. It is hard for you to give up your precious sleep minutes but a sleep expert, Dr. Christopher Winter for health tracker Basis is providing you with some useful tips so as to maximize your bedtime and at the same time easily adjusting to the Daylight Savings Time or DST.

How to sleep well
How to sleep well

Sleep when you feel sleepy:

Regardless of the fact that you will be losing an hour in the day, never go in bed an hour early if you are not feeling sleepy. Go to bed at the set timings only rather than catching up on the hour which DST seems to grab for you. Hence it is better to wait till you really get sleepy as in this case you will get quality of sleep even if it is short sleep of five hours.

Never test your body during DST:

If you are in routine wake-up of 7 a.m. in the morning then it is preferable you follow the same schedule even if the alarm clocks have been changed as our aim is to adjust with DST the moment it starts. Never make the mistake of sleeping in the night after the transition since brain needs duration of 24 hours to reset itself and if you do so you will make it all the more difficult.

How to sleep well
How to sleep well

Soak up some sunlight:

It is good to get used to some sun-exposure even though you may find it painful to do in those early hours of morning. Do it gradually but try to seem light as soon as you can as it will really help your brain retain good health.

Roam around:

Do some light walking or move around a little bit to awaken your senses. Try some jumping jacks or some easy household work.

Resist napping:

Even if you are feeling sleepy or tired, resist having a nap as it will totally disturb your DST cycle.

Make your body ready for sleep:

If you plan to sleep turn off all the possible lights and relax the way you want to. So have a night of total slumber.