Speed up Your Metabolism

6 Tips in How to Speed up Your Metabolism

Fast metabolism can easily determine the result of your goals when it comes to weight loss.  It helps you burn more calories but also allows you to eat more, making your fit into a new healthy lifestyle.  Now, the question is how do you speed up your metabolism?  The answer is quite simple—you can increase metabolic rate through diet, exercise and healthy lifestyle choices.


Speed up Your Metabolism
Speed up Your Metabolism


  • Weight Lifting

Long hours of doing cardio exercises do not help increase your metabolic rate.  Instead, do weight lifting in moderate to heavy weights because it helps you build and maintain lean muscle. The explanation has something to do with EPOC or the excess post-exercise oxygen consumption that enables your body to take in more oxygen.   Aerobic exercises also help in this endeavor.


  • Eat Iron-enriched Foods

Iron helps transport oxygen to your cells, gives you natural energy, helps burn fat and supports your cellular metabolism. Protein also has a high thermal effect, making your body burn more calories while digesting protein. Foods that have high protein content can help you practice calorie-controlled diet.


  • Add Spices to your Diet

Eating spices like cayenne, chili and ginger can increase your body temperature and can speed up your metabolism.


  • Metabolism-Stimulating Supplements

Vitamin B-complex and herbal supplements can aid in speeding up your metabolism.  One caution, though— ask advice from your doctor before taking in supplements.


  • Drink Iced Water

Your body generates more toxins as it burns fat; thus, it is important to make your internal body clean by staying hydrated.  Water helps eliminate energy-sapping toxins that otherwise, render you feel drained and tired.  Take 64 oz. per day and choose cold water to boost metabolism.


  • Get Enough Sleep

Your body regenerates lean muscle as you sleep so you need to get enough rest daily.  Most importantly, quality sleep helps diminish stress and helps in regulating hormone levels