Symptoms that Indicate You Might Have IBS

5 Signs and Symptoms that Indicate You Might Have IBS

IBS or irritable bowel syndrome is a common disorder that affects the large intestine or colon of a person.  If you experience being shaky when you are stressed out or after a bad meal, then you might have a sensitive digestive system.  While there are many stomach disorders that can be misjudged as IBS, here is the list of the most common signs and symptoms of IBS.

Symptoms that Indicate You Might Have IBS
Symptoms that Indicate You Might Have IBS


Remember:  If you are experiencing any of these signs or what you think may be unusual symptoms, it is important that you consult your doctor immediately.


  • Stomach pain and cramps

Occasional experience of pain or cramps in the stomach may not be IBS.  Nevertheless, if you are experiencing the pain in cramps frequently, then obviously, it is something serious.  Observe the location of pain and consult your doctor as soon as possible.


  • Abnormal number of bowel movements in a day

Okay, here’s a standard rule for bowel movements if you’re not too sure about your case:


  • 3 or more bowel movements/ day : diarrhea or possible sign of IBS-D
  • 3 or fewer bowel movements/ week : constipation or possible sign of IBS-C
  • Frequent constipation and diarrhea : possibility of IBS-A (alternating)


  • Abnormal-looking Stool

You must also observe the appearance of your stool.  To help you with, this is how you can categorize them:


  • Loose and watery stools : diarrhea
  • Hard and dry stools : constipation
  • Mucus on the stool : indication of IBS or other health problem


  • Feeling bloated and gassy

Stomach gas is natural part of digestion and can enhance health as well.  However, if you experience feeling bloated or gassy for a lot of times and your stomach keeps on rumbling almost non-stop, then it may indicate that your stomach and intestinal bacteria have a big dilemma.