The Must-have Natural Anxiety-Reducing Remedies

The Must-have Natural Anxiety-Reducing Remedies

We all know that all of us must have felt anxiety in one way or another. The feeling of sudden fear or worry without any reason is just a somewhat natural experience. However, there are times that we feel anxious most of the time and it occurs almost every day. In this case, there’s a chance that you already have an anxiety disorder.

The Must-have Natural Anxiety-Reducing Remedies
The Must-have Natural Anxiety-Reducing Remedies


According to experts, the most prevalent symptoms of anxiety disorder are feelings of being tense or on edge, restlessness, impatience, loss of concentration and irritability. Physical changes may include insomnia, muscle tensions, fatigue, dry mouth, tightening of chest, headaches and even jaw pain.


The truth is, even though you take prescription drugs, there’s no guarantee that anxiety won’t ever return to torment you. Aside from the fact that these drugs are somewhat dangerous due to the fact that a drug overdose is imminent, taking these stress-relieving drugs are known to have various side effects.


The good news is, there are natural remedies that you can use in order to reduce your feeling of anxiety or even anxiety attacks. Keep in mind, though, that the natural remedies that are listed below are not substitutes for the prescription drugs that your physician gives you.


  1. Passionflower – The passionflower herb or Passiflora incarnata has a very long historical record when it comes to reducing insomnia and other anxiety-related problems. Scientific studies have shown that the effectiveness of passionflower can be actually compared to benzodiazepine drugs. In addition to that, scientists have found out that the passionflower improves job performance and less drowsiness when compared with the drug mexalozam.


  1. Bodywork-related Remedies – Remedies in this area include oriental medical procedures such as Shiatsu, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture and Acupressure can definitely help you reduce anxiety. In addition to that, these bodywork-related remedies can be used in order to reduce muscle tensions, relieve mental and emotional stress and induce sleep.


  1. Valerian – The valerian herb or Valeriana officinalis is widely used as a herbal remedy against insomnia. This herb is also used in reducing mild anxiety in patients but the research involving this matter is somewhat very few and undocumented. Valerian can be used to reduce anxiety and is usually taken an hour right before bedtime. However, the valerian’s effects are known to work after being used for at least two to three weeks and must strictly not be used for more than three months. Those who take Valerian also experiences side effects such as dizziness, headache, palpitations and mild indigestions.