How to Have a Younger Heart

Tips in How to Have a Younger Heart

Most of the Americans today have a higher heart age compared to their chronological age.  Sadly, unhealthy lifestyle habits paired with vices heighten the cardiac risk factors.  The result is that your heart age is greater compared to your actual age.


To know if you have a younger or older heart age, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides an internet-accessible heart age calculator.  Just click on this link and you can then calculate it.


Using the calculator, you can input the basic details such as your BMI (body mass index), gender, blood pressure, diabetes and smoking history.  It will then commence into computing your heart age.  It is important that you know about your body mass index first.  You can do so by simply inputting your height and weight info into a standard BMI calculator (go to the BMI calculator through this link).

How to Have a Younger Heart
How to Have a Younger Heart



Having a Younger Heart

Okay, you may have known about the result already.  If you have a younger heart, then let us congratulate you.  However, if the result is undesirable, consider these following tips in order for you to have a younger heart.


  • Observe healthy diet and lifestyle habits in order to gain your ideal weight. By gaining the right body mass, chances of having a healthy and younger heart is great.


  • Remember that you have greater cardiac risk factors when you are overweight, obese or have a high blood pressure.


  • Exercise regularly and moderately for about half an hour daily. Observe heart-friendly diet like the Mediterranean diet which helps cut off the risk in stroke and heart attack.


  • Quit vices such as smoking and see to it that you get proper sleep (about 7-9 hours every night).


  • Keep in touch with your doctor to monitor your overall health.