Tips to lose stomach fat within 10 days

Most of the people believe that they can maintain fitness through the state of being empty stomach. They hardly find time for physical activity because of their busy schedule.  Not only health is affected but the overall appearance is also worsened because of the presence of the stomach fat. Here are some of the most proven tips to make a difference:

Tips to lose stomach fat
Tips to lose stomach fat

Water should not be consumed immediately after eating-

Most of the people tend to gulp down gallons of water right after their lunch. This is the major cause of the stomach fat. Water should be consumed but after a gap of half an hour. A cup of lukewarm water is recommended if you are too thirsty after eating.

Eat small meals-

Research and studies have proven that six small healthy meals are always healthy instead of large three meals. The metabolism and the energy levels fall in same line. It takes a lot of time for our body to digest large meals which makes the system lethargic. Hence, the metabolism rate functions smoothly when small meals are consumed.

Consumption of green tea, honey, fresh green vegetable salads, fresh fruits, milk, eggs, and fish are all recommended for healthy eating. Regular walk in the morning is very essential because about 25% calories are burnt by going out for a walk on a regular basis. Along with morning walks, performing yoga exercises also is very beneficial for the entire body and soul. Through yoga exercises, peace of mind is attained. The entire body functions smoothly and a person feels refreshed and highly energetic for the rest of the day.

Get adequate amount of sleep

Along with a balanced diet and regular exercises, sufficient amount of sleep is also necessary. Insufficient sleep releases hormones that enhance stress. As a result, you are compelled to eat more which in turn increases the abdominal fat. It has been observed that people sleeping for an average of 7 hours actually have less belly fat. Hence, sufficient amount of sleep is essential. Besides, you also feel fresh and lively when you sleep for sufficient hours.