Effects of PTSD in a Person’s Daily Life

What are the Effects of PTSD in a Person’s Daily Life?

To those who didn’t know, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a kind of mental health condition where a traumatic event that happened to a patient is actually interfering with the patient’s overall behavior. PTSD effects are usually both physical and psychological, therefore giving the patient a very hard time to accept the event. PTSD is usually mistaken along with depression, which is actually only one of its well-known symptoms. If left untreated, PTSD can affect the patient’s rational abilities, which will result in a more serious mental problem.

What are the Effects of PTSD in a Person’s Daily Life?

Listed below are the problems that are often noticed by experts to those who experience PTSD:

  1. Mental Health-related Problems – Those who suffer from PTSD are said to become prone to more serious mental health problems such as substance (drugs and/or alcohol) abuse, anxiety and eating disorders. According to scientific experts, PTSD patients are at least six times more likely to develop depression and about five times more likely to develop an anxiety disorder. In worst cases, PTSD patients could inflict harm to their own selves or even commit suicide.


  1. Physical Health-related Problems – PTSD patients are usually found to suffer from physical problems such as diabetes, obesity, sexual dysfunction and, in some cases, respiratory and heart problems. These problems are also known to get accelerated if the PTSD patient is abusing substances such as drugs and alcohol.


  1. Work and Relationship-related Problems – Since PTSD is more of a mental and emotional disorder, this greatly affects the person’s ability to act rationally. In this case, the patient literally drives other people away from him or her either by acting in a rude manner or, in some cases, desperately seeking out a certain person’s attention. In either case, the person’s normal life and activities are greatly affected by his or her condition, which could also lead to various difficulties. People suffering from PSTD are also proven to experience serious difficulties in both work and marriage life.


If you experienced a traumatic event and you have noticed that you have PTSD symptoms, don’t hesitate in seeking professional help. And if you really have PSTD, you must accept it as a bare fact and cooperate with your doctor so that they can help you in your treatment. In most cases, acceptance is the main key in order for your PSTD problems to get treated.