What Foods to Eat After Working Out

What Foods to Eat After Working Out – 4 Steps

You may have enough valid reasons in working out—losing weight, improving muscle mass or muscle recovery are but few goals to incite.  However, bear in mind that food still plays vital roles in whatever target you are aiming at for your body and overall well-being.  It can break or complement your work-out, so it is imperative that you chose the right kind of foods you need to take.

What Foods to Eat After Working Out
What Foods to Eat After Working Out


Right Timing

As a lot of highly successful personas say, “Timing is everything!” So stick to this adage for success. Eat 30 minutes to one whole hour AFTER doing your work-out.  You might be tempted to pig out but just resist temptation within this time bracket (you’ll get used to it) but bear with it, nevertheless.  Your muscles then are in their most advantageous position to make most out of the food you take.  On the other hand, waiting too long to eat will give you just the opposite effect.  Your body stores the food you take as fats! Thus, fasting or procrastinating food intake is a no-no.



Seems unnecessary but fats are still essentials albeit they must be taken in small amount. Fats serve as traffic controller for protein and carbohydrates absorption in muscles. Take the healthy kind of fats found in sea foods and nuts.



Carbohydrates benefit your muscles more than you can ever think of! They serve as energy-givers.  However, they should be in ratio of 4:1 (in grams) with protein, taken considerately. Fruits, yogurt and honey are best examples of fast-digesting foods best after working out.



Proteins work hand-in-hand with carbohydrates.  They are muscle-builders so they are good complements for your work-out.  The amino acids found in proteins are immunity boosters and help in rebuilding damaged muscles. Instead of red meat, try to consume yogurt, eggs, soy milk (in preference than cow’s) and lentils. Just be reminded—though –take note of the 4:1 ratio with carbohydrates.

What Foods to Eat After Working Out
What Foods to Eat After Working Out