Gifted Children and Attention Issues


What most people think about gifted children is that they are the kind of kids who are very bright, well-behaved and very active inside their classroom. Due to the fact that these kids have an IQ rating that’s just way above excellent and have talents in two or more different fields, most people dream of having this kind of child.

Gifted Children and Attention Issues
Gifted Children and Attention Issues


However, the truth is, gifted children tend to have gifted minds, it somehow doesn’t synchronize along with a gifted behavior. Most of the time, gifted children are too engrossed in their own world for them to pay attention to those who are around them. This kind of behavior can be noticed easily inside a classroom. If children with IQs that are somewhat below average just can’t accomplish their homework because of their comprehension limit, gifted children don’t do homework because it is somewhat boring for them. If they do their homework, they will not turn it over, either.


It does not necessarily mean that gifted children don’t want to pay attention to their classes at all. It’s just that most gifted children already learn what school has to offer them. Since gifted children are more advanced than others, they can easily learn what their teachers have to offer in his or her level. The truth is, gifted children attend school because he or she wanted to learn and understand lots of new things. If he or she cannot find it in his or her school, there’s a possibility that the gifted child won’t pay attention to school at all.



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