How to Be a Perfect Homeschool Parent

How to Be a Perfect Homeschool Parent for kids

A homeschooling parent’s job as both teacher and—well—a parent is a tremendous hard work, only to have bored kids with no vitality during your lesson or activity.  If you share the same sentiments and might have been blaming yourself, it’s time to reconsider.  You’re not the problem in this issue but your kids.  Below is the list of activities or moments you may have gone through with excitement and your children… well, they simply displayed lack of enthusiasm.


How to Be a Perfect Homeschool Parent
How to Be a Perfect Homeschool Parent


  • Story books you just adored and they detested.
  • Scenario: You may have dreamt of sharing what you consider as the one great story of all times to your own kid. In the process, you might have shown them your excitement and fuss too much about the beauty of the plot only to see the sulking faces and what-a-dull-story aura emitted by your child.


  • Finishing up a science experiment meant to be accomplished by your student.
  • Scenario: You always find science experiments to be cool and fun. Every bit of material to be used for the experiment, plus a complete scientist costume ensemble is ready. You explained and conducted the experiment quite well, only to realize that your child participated by merely saying a “cool,” or an occasional “okay” all throughout the science experiment project.


  • Exposure in nature tripping vs. indoor studies.
  • Scenario: You always thought that one of the greatest parts in homeschooling is that your child can benefit the frequent outdoor type of learning. However, your child shrugs off the idea of the “great outdoors” and very much prefer the sofa-bed-table environment.


  • Integrating developmental thinking with family discussions only to meet silence.
  • Scenario: You made efforts in planning everything for the picnic in order to exercise your child’s developmental thinking during family bonding. By the end of the day, you and your husband are the only ones to do all the talking and thinking.


  • Connecting your kids to the right circle of friends.
  • Scenario: You have proposed to introduce your child to the children of your fellow homeschooling parents. When you are sure that your child would be excited to meet fellow kids, he or she refuses to get along with them.


How to Be a Perfect Homeschool Parent
How to Be a Perfect Homeschool Parent