Reason Why Spiders Bite Humans


Humans tend to unjustifiably connect morning lumps and bumps on their skin to spider bites.  Even more so, others spread urban tales of spiders transferring their eggs within skin tissues through their bites, making the image of these little arachnids more vicious than ever!

Why Spiders Bite Humans
Why Spiders Bite Humans


So do they really bite humans?  Normally, it’s a “NO” answer.  However, as other creatures of the animal kingdom, when they feel terrorized they really bite in order to protect themselves. And those lumps that look like spider bites? They are caused more likely by other insects like the mosquitoes, fleas, mites, ticks or bedbugs.  Moreover, they must be triggered by some skin reaction due to chemicals or cosmetics you apply on your face.


According to experts on spiders, also known as arachnologists, spiders are shy creatures by nature.  They are not also your normal bloodsuckers, so they do not have reasons to aggressively attack people and feed on human blood.  Moreover, spiders tend to be more afraid of people than people of them. Besides, these arachnids are wise enough to know that they were not built to combat larger species, except when feel threatened.  Still in doubt about the timidity of spiders? Just ask any arachnologist if they suffered any bites and their answer will be a simple “none.”


Most spider venoms are not lethal or damaging to human skin tissues, with the exception of Widow Spiders (of which Black Widow is just one of them).  You can pinpoint Widow Spiders from the rest with their signature abdominal marking of hourglass shape.  If you see this kind and you wouldn’t want to take risks, just back off.


Why Spiders Bite Humans
Why Spiders Bite Humans




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