Archiving Web Pages

Tips : Tools for Archiving Web Pages

Remember the horror brought by Y2K? It is the same horror when you hear that there’s a big probability that your favorite web page can be eliminated from existence.  Some may know about a trick or two including downloading the page right into your computer or storing it away in the Dropbox.  Others know about web archiving services that will safely tuck away a copy of your favorite page in their own servers PERMANENTLY.

Archiving Web Pages
Archiving Web Pages


If you want to know about these options, know that there are several ways in storing the web page in consideration.  Your choice of tool will depend on what kind of web content you want to archive.  Review the following tips in how to archive your favorite web pages.


  1. For text only content (example: news content), the best option will be Instapaper and Pocket. You can save the pages through browser extensions, applications, bookmarklets and email.  These said tools extract the text content from the page and make it available on all your devices.  With Pocket, there’s an exemption.  You can read the saved articles through their website or mobile app and not save them.


  1. For complete web pages, Evernote and OneNote come quite handy. These two provide extensions (also known as web clippers) that make it convenient for you to save complete web pages (from recipes to online transaction receipts to video tutorials).  Evernote lets you export the saved web pages as HTML files making it easier for you to view them.


  1. For uncomplicated saving methods, consider saving your favorite pages as PDF files. Google Chrome can help you with this through its native PDF writer or you can simply use the Google Cloud Print.


  1. If you’re conscious about the overall design of the webpage, feel free to take snapshots with Google’s newest extension, Chrome add-on. It will snap full length photos of the site and automatically back them up through Google Drive.