Automatically Delete Useless WhatsApp Photos the Easy Way

How to Automatically Delete Useless WhatsApp Photos the Easy Way

For the past few months, WhatsApp is becoming more popular because of its very good interface and excellent communication capabilities. In just one app, you can post your status, advertise your pages and blogs, chat and call overseas via online and lots more. However, we also know that this app also consumes a lot of our smartphone’s storage space because of its uploaded photos.

Automatically Delete Useless WhatsApp Photos the Easy Way
Automatically Delete Useless WhatsApp Photos the Easy Way


The good thing is, even though WhatsApp doesn’t have this capability, there are some third-party applications that can do the deleting for us the easy way. However, due to the fact that these file deletion applications tend to delete the entire WhatsApp folder in just one tap, there’s a chance that we will also risk deleting the good photos along with it. Needless to say, you will also risk deleting your saved memes and quotes by your favorite author or personality. This is where Siftr, a new Indian company which is originally found by ex-employers from Adobe Corporation, comes into scene. Just recently, they have made an Android app that can delete the useless WhatsApp photos that constantly filling up your precious phone storage. This Android app is known by the name of Magic Cleaner.


Unlike other file deletion and storage cleaning softwares, the Magic Cleaner is designed specifically to delete useless WhatsApp photos. This app automatically scans the whole WhatsApp media folder and automatically detects all of the junk images. That includes screenshots, memes of your favorite celebrity, cartoons, video screen grabs and lots more. Once scanned, the Magic Cleaner will then prompt you to choose if you’re going to delete all of them in one go, or you can choose what photos you are going to save in your smartphone. Needless to say, this will definitely save you and your smartphone from lots of storage problems.


Most of you are now asking this question: How does Magic Cleaner work? Just like Google’s Image Recognition API, the Cloud Vision, the Magic Cleaner uses an image recognition technique that is personally made by Siftr in order to determine whether the saved WhatsApp photo is junk or not. By using your internet connection, the app saves a small hash of the image and then compares it to their own online servers for image analysis. Once done, it displays the image analysis results, therefore letting you decide what to do with these photos.


The only downsides so far is that aside from the needed internet connection, even though you manage to delete the useless photos, a blurred thumbnail image will still exist in the WhatsApp message log so you have to delete this manually. In addition to that, the Magic Cleaner App is designed for Android as of this time.

Automatically Delete Useless WhatsApp Photos the Easy Way
Automatically Delete Useless WhatsApp Photos the Easy Way