How to Block Nasty and Persistent Robocalls

How to Block Nasty and Persistent Robocalls

To those who didn’t know, robocalls are the kind of calls that people in the U.S. and some other countries are receiving whenever there is an incoming election. A robocall is a recorded propaganda or anti-propaganda statement via phone call in order to gather more potential votes, in favor of the candidate that the robocall is referring to. Needless to say, this is sometimes good because it gives the listener more knowledge of the electoral candidates. However, if you’re busy doing household or online work, these persistent calls can be a real headache.

How to Block Nasty and Persistent Robocalls

In the U.S., most citizens think that the National Do Not Call Registry will help in blocking out those calls. However, due to the fact that robocalls are still coming to those who are using that service, it definitely means that the service doesn’t block out robocalls.


So how can we keep those nasty and persistent robocalls from coming to our homes? Listed below are the things that you must remember in order not to be bothered by those.


  1. Don’t ever provide your own phone number when you register as a voter. In most U.S. States, you are not required to write phone numbers in your voter’s registration form. Since most phone numbers are widely known to be obtained by politicians this way, you must not write your own number there.


  1. Obtain and Use Robocall Blocking Services. If your landline phone uses a VoIP or Voice over IP technology, you can use NoMoRobo or a Truecaller if you’re using cell phones. These services are using the Voice over IP’s simultaneous ringing feature in order to intercept its caller ID and even answer unwanted phone calls.


  1. If your Telephone Service Provider doesn’t work with NoMoRobo, use a Google Voice Number. A Google Voice Number not only enables you to work with NoMoRobo; it also increases your privacy.


  1. If available, use your Telephone provider’s anonymous call rejection service. If you’re using a landline nowadays, some telephone service providers are now offering call rejection services as an additional security feature. Needless to say, if you want to get yourself safe from those persistent robocalls, you must get that.


Even though these are tried and tested, there are times that these steps won’t work so, whenever you still receive a robocall after doing all of these, just try not to answer the call or hang it up.