Blog Monetization Game Plan

Top Eleven Best Blog Monetization Strategies

Blogging, in reality, is a very hard work. In contrast to what most people think, it isn’t the kind of work that lets you ‘Right freely, post and wait for the cash flow”. Writing your blog content is one thing. However, your blog content means nothing if you just can’t monetize it. Don’t ever take it that we’re just blogging for money’s sake. However, who doesn’t want money while enjoying your blogging as a hobby at the same time?

Blog Monetization Game Plan
Blog Monetization Game Plan


As of date, these are the best and most used monetization strategies by bloggers like you:

  1. Membership Program Blogs provide lots of quality content to you members along with a ‘premium membership’ program; you can charge a monthly membership fee, ensuring yourself to some monetary income.


  1. Information Product Blogs sell ‘genuine knowledge’ in form of e-books, videos, audios or all of the above, for a fee, of course.


  1. Consultation and Coaching Services Blogs, though time-consuming, you can have a steady income by building up your internet reputation and then offering offline consultation and servicing to your ‘potential customer’ audience.


  1. Speaker Blogs work by building up your internet reputation first, provided that you’re a good speaker. People and organizations can then invite you to speak in their events or meetings, in which you’ll definitely get paid.


  1. Market Blogs offer products to sell online. In other words, you can post products in your blog, along with your contact details.


  1. Advertisement Blogs rake in some money if people avail services or products that they offer via advertisements.


  1. Banner Ad Blogs earn money through posting ads by means of Google AdSense.


  1. Affiliate Blogs earn money by recommending products by sending others a relevant form, along with their affiliate link.


  1. Review Blogs get paid when a company hires the blogger to make an online review of their products and services and posts it in his or her blog.


  1. Job Offering Blogs have a job or task board that, once accomplished, can pay you directly to your money processor or bank.


  1. Build and Sell Blogs work by building up a blog site and a substantial amount of traffic, before selling it to those who are interested, along with lots of profits.