How to Download your own Youtube videos

How to Download your own Youtube videos – 4 Steps

You may be familiar in downloading YouTube videos using video downloaders like YouTube downloader or even IDM.  In mobile, you can even download straight from the video streaming site without using another downloader.  But of course, that only applies to quite handful YouTube videos.


How about your own uploaded videos? Do you still need a video downloader just to get your own videos?  This is the option that YouTube had anticipated and to answer you—Video Manager can help you with this.  To access your YouTube Video Manager, follow the steps beneath.

How to Download your own Youtube videos
How to Download your own Youtube videos



  1. Log in to your YouTube account and click on your email address at the upper right hand corner.
  2. Choose Video Manager from your menu list and your uploaded video (in list form) will appear.
  3. Now choose a video you wish to download and click on the Edit button beside it.
  4. Choose Download MP4 and the video is then downloaded as an mp4 file.


The downside, however, is the regress of video quality.  If for example you uploaded a 720p or 1080p HD video, it will then be downloaded as a 480p video.   From here enters another method that will allow you download your videos in its original form—SD or HD.



  1. Go to com/takeout>> Create Archive button and Google will make a zipped archive with all your uploaded YouTube videos in it.
  2. Once the archive has been completed by 100%, click on the Downloads tab and get the actual files. Now, if the file is too large, Google Takeout will then make separate files with 2GB each file.


If you will notice, you need to download the whole archive an there’s no other option currently other than that.  However this method comes in handy should you wish to upload your video from YouTube to another video streaming site.