How to Create an Email Message Using QR Codes – 3 Steps

If this is your first time hearing about QR codes, we might as well enlighten you about it.  Remember that squarish, weird looking pattern you see in some of the products (like say, Taco Bell or Doritos)? That’s what we call QR code and by merely scanning it using your smarphone device, you can go directly to their website or such.  No sweating off by tapping the URL address or searching the product on your browser.  It goes instantly with just few clicks, very convenient one must say.




QR codes—believe it or not—allows you also to send all-text data such as URLs, email addresses, postal addresses, phone numbers and business cards.  More greatly, you can write a full email message within a QR code and when people scan it, it will be opened on their email application, ready to be read or sent.


How do you create an email message using QR codes, then?




  1. You can create a message using either mailto syntax used in HTML web pages or the MATMSG identifier.
  2. Write the message as a QR code in a three-part format: TO, SUBJECT and BODY.
  • TO : the address of the receiver/ recipient of the message.
  • SUBJECT : the core idea of the email message.
  • BODY : the actual message
  1. When the template is ready, just paste the text into the QR code generator and wait for it to be made. Done!



  • You can make a message consisting of up to 4,296 characters in one QR code.