Tips in How to Find a Person’s Email Address

Sometimes unpleasant things happen and this may include losing your friend’s or a contact’s email address just when you needed it the most.  You don’t have to worry about searching anymore as we are here to share with you several strategies in how to look for the missing email address(es) of your contact(s).


Find a Person’s Email Address
Find a Person’s Email Address


  • Discover e-mail addresses from previous e-mail messages.

If you’re resourceful enough to archive previous email correspondence, then you’re in luck.  You can simply use the search feature of your email program or web-based email account to search for the name of your contact and his or her email address.


  • Good Old Trick: Web Search

Stalkers, exes and some people with questionable motives use this old trick, so why don’t you?  Start with the biggest search engines like Google and Yahoo.  You can enter the person’s name and voila—the search details will also include his or her email address.  Now, if you happen to discover that your contact has many namesake, then narrow down yours search with more specific details like profession, nickname, friends, etc.


  • White Pages or Email Address Directories

Have you done your search with these sites or social media features?

  • com
  • com
  • ICQ White pages
  • Facebook Friend Finder


  • Through Business Cards


What happened to old school (not too old school, I guess) business cards?  Hopefully, you are resourceful enough to keep business cards for surely, a contact’s email address will be indicated there.


  • Ask Somebody


Okay, you’ve done what you can do but asking your officemate or another friend won’t kill you.  Haven’t you thought of it before performing tech-savvy strategies?