How to Optimize Google AdSense on Your Web

If you’re a blogger, you may want to monetize it through various ways.  One of them is to enroll in Google’s very own AdSense.


Now, given that you are already utilizing AdSense, what should you do in order to optimize them?  Of course there must be some tricks that other top bloggers use so they can put their earnings into another level.  Aligned herein is a compilation of tips that can help you in maximize the potential of Google AdSense on your website.


Optimize Google AdSense on Your Web
Optimize Google AdSense on Your Web


  • Put your advertisements in locations where visitors will easily notice them. Remember that most of the visitors do not have all the time in the world and are specific in their taste.  They usually follow the F-pattern when it comes to their reading, so might as well plan how to insert your ads within this area without irking them.


  • The following sizes are best performing when it comes to getting attention:


  • Ad Units
    • 160×600
    • 336×280
    • 300×250 (much preferable)
  • Text Units
    • 336×380


  • Colors also play a vital role when it comes to lay-outing and design. Generally, AdSense works best if there is no border and that its background color matches that of the page. If your website’s background is rather dark, you can experiment on contrasting colors for your Google ads.


  • If you write long articles, try to place an ad somewhere in the middle of the article (can be a momentary break, actually) or at the bottom section wherein readers usually search for more related articles.


  • Flickr is one of the most respected traffic-bringer. You can use this site to indirectly enhance your organic rankings.


  • Give your regular visitors (or fans) with ad-free content.


  • com, CNN and New York Time utilizes AdSense Premium. You can study their web lay-outs and put what you learned into your blog from them.