How Google’s Safety Center Tools Can be an Added Protection To Your Kids While Online

How Google’s Safety Center Tools Can be an Added Protection To Your Kids While Online

We all know that the internet is a rich source of information, a thing which children can also use in order to enrich their learning abilities. By going to children’s websites, a child can learn many things depending on his or her age. Aside from tutorials and tests, they can also play online games provided by the children’s site as an additional learning tool.


On the other hand, even though the internet is beneficial to children most of the time, the adults are also witnesses of the fact that it also contains sites that are not good and appropriate for children to step into. As we all know, more and more sites containing inappropriate content are now being made and, chances are that your child will unknowingly stumble upon it one of these days.


The most worthy advice so far is that parents must carefully monitor their children while they are using the internet. However, due to the fact that parents can’t do it 24/7, Google had made children’s protection possible by their Safety Center Tools.


So what are Google’s Safety Center Tools? Actually, more and more safety center tools are now being made by Google. However, in order to protect their kids online, parents must make sure that these three tools are enabled every time:


  1. Google SafeSearch with Lock Feature Enabled – In order to protect your children from most inappropriate online sites and internet content while they’re online, you must make sure that this feature is working. In addition to that, parents must enable the lock feature so they can be sure that the security cannot be altered easily.


  1. YouTube’s Reporting and Enforcement Center – Due to the fact that bullying is now becoming rampant every day, chances are that your child might be a victim of bullying. In addition to that, bullying to your child can be done via YouTube Videos. If the videos involve your child being harassed online, you can use YouTube’s Reporting and Enforcement Center to have the videos deleted by YouTube itself. In addition to that, the account of the one who uploaded the videos will also be sanctioned in accordance with YouTube’s Terms and Conditions.


  1. YouTube’s Content Filtering – Sometimes, videos displaying inappropriate content are somehow being uploaded and watched on YouTube since they’re just new. In order for children not to see those, the parent must make sure that the YouTube’s content filtering is turned on. Even though this feature can’t block all inappropriate content, it can still help protect the child from most of it.

How Google’s Safety Center Tools Can be an Added Protection To Your Kids While Online