The Greatest Computer and Internet Hacks in History

The Greatest Computer and Internet Hacks in History

No matter how advanced the internet and computers nowadays would be, chances are that they can still be hacked. This is the reason why companies are doing various software updates and patches for their software and other computer products. The truth is, hacking has a very good meaning since it concerns expertise on the craft that a person is engrossed into. However, because of computer crimes, hacking is now considered a bad practice.


Listed below are some of the greatest and most memorable computer and internet hacks in history.


  1. The Ashley Madison Hack of 2015 – Last year, the Impact Team, a known hacking group, had managed to find a backdoor into the servers of Avid Life Media, copied 37 million accounts of Ashley Madison Users and released the details on various online websites. Because of this, most people’s reputations that are using the site are ruined, therefore resulting in the suicide of some.


  1. The Conficker Worm of 2008 – Right after its discovery eight years ago, the Conficker Worm still exists up to this day. What’s more alarming with this one is that the Conficker copies itself rapidly into computers and opens backdoors for hackers, therefore resulting into computers being commanded as zombies or bots. In addition to that, credit card and bank account details on some infected computers are also compromised.


  1. The Stuxnet Worm of 2010 – This worm is actually released into Iran’s nuclear refinement plants’ computer system, resulting in the program’s takeover of Siemens SCADA control systems. Since the worm is capable of commanding the nuclear centrifuges to spin more than what is required or to stop it, this had actually ruined thousands of uranium samples, additional scientific work and, most of all, thousands of dollars lost. However, it’s a good thing to know that there are no nuclear accidents reported during this time.


  1. Home Depot Hack of 2014 – If you’re a fan of shopping at Home Depot, you must have known already that the site had also experienced a security breach two years ago, therefore resulting in over fifty million compromised accounts. Actually one of the biggest account detail hacks in internet history, the security breach had managed to penetrate the home depot servers right before Microsoft Corporation had identified and patched the reported breach. However, the breach had nonetheless resulted in a significant loss of public consumer trust towards the monolithic corporation.

The Greatest Computer and Internet Hacks in History