How to Help Yourself Fight Facebook Addiction

How to Help Yourself Fight Facebook Addiction

There’s a new kind of addiction in town, that is, social networking site addiction, Facebook being the most notorious one. Nowadays, it’s somewhat habit-forming for most internet users to update their Facebook accounts with almost anything, things that most of us usually regard as somewhat ‘rubbish’. Memories involved in those moments are nonetheless very precious to us. However, whether we accept it or not, only a few people will actually pay attention to whatever you post. And the most saddening part, doing this every day actually becomes a habit until later; the habit eventually ends to addiction. And just like drugs and alcohol, posting your updates on Facebook becomes ‘something you just can’t live without’, the starting indicator of your addiction.

How to Help Yourself Fight Facebook Addiction

There’s definitely no doubt that, unless you’re a Facebook Page administrator, chances are that you’re already suffering from Facebook addiction. If you accept that you’re one of those people, listed below are some helpful things that you can do in order to quell your so-called ‘Facebook Addiction’.


  1. Deactivate your Facebook Account/s. Since Facebook is actually known for notifying its users about likes, comments and shares regarding your posts, deactivating your account is necessary. This stops the notifications from coming into your smartphone or any other gadget, thereby giving you a time of peace for unnecessary updates.


  1. Do some periodical cleaning in your Facebook Account’s network. If you’re using the same Facebook account for at least three years now, chances are that you have lots of friends, most of whom aren’t even an acquaintance in the real life. If you think that most of your Facebook friends belong in this category, removing them from your list through unfriend option is definitely necessary. Doing this is actually very useful especially if you got yourself locked out from your Facebook account and you need to recognize at least five of your friends’ faces.


  1. Make it somewhat, if not very difficult for you to access Facebook. This means that you need to stay away from your computer and uninstalling the Facebook App in your iPhone or Android gadget. If you think that those things won’t work in your situation, cutting off the internet connection inside your room might be necessary.


  1. Make yourself busy and productive at the same time. Most of us are busy updating our Facebook accounts, making us less productive whether inside or outside the comforts of our own home. If you’re determined to stop your Facebook addiction, you must make sure that you’re doing other things that will greatly benefit you.