How Do Ads Follow Me Around When I’m Online

How Do Ads Follow Me Around When I’m Online?

Nowadays, it’s only common for internet surfers to see loads of online advertisements whenever they visit their online social accounts or browse the web. This is due to the fact that Google, the most frequently-used search engine also has an advertising company of its own, which is known by the name of AdSense. To bloggers and website developers, online advertisements can be compared to your close friend since this is the most famous way to monetize websites. However, on the side of internet surfers, this is nothing but nuisance due to the fact that most ads occupy a website’s space. This adds up to the fact that most of us see advertisements whenever we watch an hour-long YouTube video or even reading an online news article.

How Do Ads Follow Me Around When I’m Online?

How do Ads Find and Follow Me?

There’s a Google feature that lets them target you with the right kind of advertisements just by taking a look at your website preferences. Needless to say, if you’re fond of buying shoes online, they will definitely target you with online advertisements concerning shoes. This usually comes in the form of ads that offer you big discounts. In addition to that, you’ll not only get one advertisement for that; you definitely get LOADS of it. And since most of us have multiple interests e.g. shoes, gadgets, jewels and dresses, chances are that the advertisements that are going to appear on your computer screen are related to those. And those ads will pop in each website where you get yourself into, as long as those websites support advertisement pages.


It is somewhat endurable if you’re going to see one advertisement per day. However, this is not the case, therefore resulting in everyone’s frustration along with the slow loading of website pages.


Can we stop online ads from appearing?

The good news is, you can easily block ads from appearing in your viewed web pages. This is usually achieved by installing an Ad Blocker in your web browser or installing an antivirus or antispyware programs that block ads and tracking cookies at the same time. In addition to that, you can also Go Incognito or browse privately so that your online browsing habits won’t be monitored by any site. Other than that, you might as well download and install VPN software or web browsers with tunneling capabilities like TOR Browser and the like.