How to Accept Donations Online – Paypal 5 Steps


Charitable institutions run on donations.  There are many NGO’s who need donations so that they can help the needy.  Every time people are unable to go to the office personally and make the payment.  In such cases online is the option which is easy and safe these days to make the donation to the organization that you want to donate funds to.    One can easily accept donations online with PayPal if you are looking for donations to help you with your website, blog or charitable cause.  You can get a free website from PayPal or Facebook in order to accept donations.


  • Read the information about donations on PayPal website:  This option can be found within non-profit section of PayPal website.
  • Sign up for a PayPal account:  Do the necessary procedure to create a PayPal account so that you are able to accept donations.
  • Click on the tab of my account and select the option for donations:  If you are a non-profit organization or if you are an individual website owner looking to get donations to improve your website or help with research, you can accept donations online.
  • Use the appropriate button:  In order to either get donations every time by different users or change it to just read button.
  • Create your own website:  Use it for getting donations for help you with the website improvement or other work.
  • Set up payments on your Facebook page:  This gives you access to reach many donors who would be willing to donate for your cause.
  • Keep track of your entire donation with the PayPal account.

These are easy steps which one can follow and start accepting donations easily.  This was all the charitable work can go on smoothly and one can also improve the website that one runs for their own work.  So many developments have taken place and always take place.  All thanks to the technology that now one can do the donations sitting at home and one can receive it also sitting at home.  No one really need to go and ask for it or come to give it physically.


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How to Accept Donations Online paypal
How to Accept Donations Online paypal
How to Accept Donations Online paypal
How to Accept Donations Online paypal
How to Accept Donations Online paypal
How to Accept Donations Online paypal





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