Meshnet technology

How to Create an Internet: Is this Possible?

We all know that since we’re now living in the cyber age, living without internet is almost impossible. Due to the fact that most people aren’t satisfied with their Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) service, some people are now thinking of ways whether making your own internet connection is a possibility or not. The truth is, it is very possible, as long as you’re willing to spend lots of money for that. However, before you start planning in making your own internet, you must first read what’s written below.

Meshnet technology
Meshnet technology


Understanding the Internet Backbone

The internet actually works by linking up different computer networks together. To those who didn’t know, the computer network consists of computers connected to each other. Needless to say, whatever data these computers contain, you can definitely have access to it as long as you’re permitted to access it. Since every computer in the internet are somewhat connected to each other, data transmission is possible.


The Internet works via what experts call tier-to-tier basis. In networking, a tier plays a major part in the internet because not only it contains the power to transmit internet data; it also contains lots of data as well. The tier system has three different levels; one being the highest and three being the lowest. Needless to say, you are now enjoying internet connection because your local ISP, which is either a Tier 2 or 3 network, is somewhat connected to a Tier 1 network. And as we all know, these connections aren’t availed for free.


Making your own Internet Connection

So to say, making your own internet connection so that you can enjoy watching YouTube faster along with Google and Facebook is close to impossible, especially if you don’t have the means to avail it. However, it is very interesting to know that you can now make something like this, which is used during the Haiti Earthquake last year 2010.


Because of the Haiti earthquake, computer servers were destroyed, completely cutting off internet access from the rest of the world. However, communication became possible because of Meshnet technology. Meshnet works the way internet does, connecting Android and iOS devices to each other. Because of this technique, data and communication in Haiti is possible once they are connected via Bluetooth or Wireless connection. This is somewhat very useful, especially during this time of distress.