How to Detect a Fake IP Address

How to Detect a Fake IP (Internet Protocol) Address

You’re internet protocol (IP) address is the number assigned to your device to represent your participation in the computer and internet network. This set of numbers is given to you by your internet service provider or ISP. Current location gives variation to IP addresses.  However, if you’re a website administrator, one of your jobs is to identify suspicious messages from your members.  Checking them out through their IP addresses is one of those tasks you will be doing, and if you have the slightest inkling that they bear fake IP numbers, you can do these following steps:

How to Detect a Fake IP Address
How to Detect a Fake IP Address



  • Computer
  • Internet (of course!)



  1. Track down and get the IP address (or even addresses) you are suspicious about. Copy and paste these numbers to your Wordpad or Notepad and save. You must see to it that you can access these numbers in a quick and easy way.


  1. Great news! You can utilize internet to its fullest potential and this also means that there are tools just over the net that can help you trace IP address. You can also use this link to help you with: .


  1. Upon opening the website tracker, delete your own IP address which is found automatically in the “Fill-in” field. Fill it with the fishy IP address you have at hand and click on the “Track IP, host or website” button.


  1. Details about the country, city and/or state where the IP address and server are located will be provided. If a note that simply says that the information is undetected or unattainable, then your input IP address is most likely to be fake.


  1. Report or completely ban the address from your website, blog or forum.