How to download movies from Netflix & Watch Them Offline?


When YouTube released its fresh from the oven bonus, enabling viewers for an offline video catch up or rewind, some viewers began tongue-wagging in asking if Netflix can also offer this kind of perk.  To set the record straight, though, Netflix is a website that enables viewers for online video viewing through monthly subscription.  However, your monthly subscription fee is limited only to watching via online.  You cannot download movies or videos of any format from Netflix nor can buy movies from them.



Netflix provides continuous video streams via “Watch Instantly” option in your internet TV, Boxee, Roku Player and any computer device with Microsoft Silverlight Plug-in.  It also runs in Apple iPad, iPhone, Windows 7 smartphone and Blu-ray players.  The only bummer for Netflix is their unavailability to some countries, but that’s understandable due to licensing permissions.


The video-streamer also offers video rental options as long as you have active membership. They ship you the DVD or Blu-ray discs and you can keep these provided that your membership stays active and you can pay the additional rental fees that they will include to your account. Moreover, you can select packages adjusting to the number of discs you can rent per month.



Now, if you really want to acquire and pay for copies of your favorite movies, try to avail other services.  Amazon Instant Watch, iTune Store, Google Play and Vudu are some of the online stores where you can download movies. If you’re on a tight budget and would want something for free, try your luck in YouTube, but that might be a tough luck.



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