How to enable Email notification into Google Docs Forms


If you’re a researcher or a budding entrepreneur, you may be interested in conducting polls and surveys.  Designing and creating takes effort and time but should this also be the case when monitoring your posted surveys?  One Google tool available for you to utilize is the Google Docs.  These forms are free of charge and viewable in mobile, making it very convenient and helpful for you.

How to enable Email notification into Google Docs Forms
How to enable Email notification into Google Docs Forms


Using Google Docs, you will be exposed to unlimited number of people who also use the services of Google.  Their responses are also directly saved to an online Google Docs sheet.  It makes data analyses much easier and direct.  Additionally, Google Docs can also transmit email notifications instantly whenever a person who took your survey submits your online form. Here’s how you allow Google Docs to send you email notifications:



  1. Make a new form in Google Docs, customize it according to your desired design and save.
  1. Head back to Google Docs and open the spreadsheet related to the form you made.
  1. Select your tools via Tools tab>> Notification Rules and get to choose the option that tells you, Notify me when a user submits a form. Alternatively, if you already made a Contact me form, the option email me right away may be best for you.  However, if you want to conduct mass polls and surveys, get acquainted with the daily digest feature for your convenience.
  1. You can then monitor your surveys and analyze results within moments.




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