How to Generate Money through the Internet – 8 ways


Alright, you might have a full time job but are you earning that sum of money enough for you to save a few extra?  If not, it’s time to invest a laptop and an internet connection. Below are some “gigs” you can do using these two elements and help you generate few extra bucks.

How to Generate Money through the Internet
How to Generate Money through the Internet


  1. Put up your own blog site or website and earn dollars via advertising networks like Google Ad Sense and BuySell Ads. Get ideas in planning and creating your own website and learn how to earn profit through it.
  1. Are you one of YouTube aficionados?Even teenagers can profit from the leading video streaming site by being a partner. Just sign up for an account and start monetizing your videos.
  1. Etsy, ArtFire and eBay are great partners to market your arts and crafts. If you have an artistic flair, monetize your habit by selling your crafts through these sites.
  1. Be an online entrepreneur and build your own online stores. Sites like SquareSpace and Shopify can help you with this endeavour and let you market products and even digital downloads.
  1. A writer by heart and by craft? Publish your books on Google Play, Kindle Store, iBooks, BookBaby, Amazon and Smashwoods.
  1. If you have teaching skills, teach your favorite subject via Udemy and SkillShare. The subjects are broad and you get to teach globally.
  1. Professionals who want to trade in their skill can make their profile in the likes of PeoplePerHour, Fiverr, Elance and oDesk.
  1. Old stuff just stored somewhere in your storage room or attic? Sell them via eBay, OLX and Craiglist.





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